6A2 杯形砂轮

Straight Cup Grinding Wheel, Abrasive: Diamond and CBN, Diamond Grinding Wheels With Resin, Metal, and Vitrified.

For Grinding:

  • - Tungsten Carbide
  • - Flame-sprayed wear-resistant alloys
  • - tungsten carbide/steel combinations
  • - glass


CBN Grinding Wheels With Resin, Metal, and Vitrified

For Grinding:

  • - High-Speed Steels
  • - Hardened High-Speed Steels
  • - Hardened 12% chromium steel

Grit No.30/40# to 60000#(Coarse Grinding to Fine Process)The Grit Size is dependent

upon the desired surface finish. In addition, the grit size also has an important effect on the

the grinding behavior of the wheel.

Concentration, the content of diamond or CBN in the grinding rim is heavily dependent

upon the application. Generally, where rapid stock removal of tungsten carbide or hardened steel in intended, a concentration of 75-125 is selected. when a good surface finish is demanded, a lower concentration is in combination with finer diamond or CBN powder are required. 

How to confirm a 6A2 Grinding Wheels To Confirm the Details as following:

  • D-Outer Diameter
  • H- Inner Hole
  • T-Thickness
  • W-Width of Abrasive Layer
  • X-Thickness of Abrasive Layer


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