Top Slitter Knives

Ctoolmake manufactures various types of mechanical blade production, Top Slitter for cutting heavy rubber, conveyor belting materials, foams & laminated foams, non-asbestos, cork, non-wovens & textiles, polyethylene, polyurethane, plastic films, fiberglass, graphite, foam tapes & reinforced tapes, roofing products, and similar materials. follow-up processing requires the use of a large number of blades, the Company to strict quality control.

Through continuous research and development, we have developed many round and straight knives. Divided into round knives Winder Reciprocating blade Disc circular knife Multi-blade round knife Cutter Cross cutter Knife Coating knife Slice knife.

The right hardness and good raw materials are important factors in the cutting process. Optimize the cutting process to better translate your application into production. High-quality products help you extensively throughout the entire production process. Engineers with decades of experience and collaborating users explore world-class tool-making to ensure that all our tool quality is renowned both at home and abroad for its abrasion resistance and impact resistance. Our manufacturing process and after-sales service are based on the ultimate goal of providing customers with the best tool.

Slitter cutting edge sharp, wear resistance, cutting resistance, precision can reach 0.003mm.

The material of Top Slitter or Slitting Knives: Tungsten Carbide, or Hardened Steel Carrier, like 9crsi, cr12mov(SKD11), w6mo5cr4v2(SKH), w18cr4v. etc to meet your requirement.


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